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"Thought Yoga is yoga beyond physical exercises and breathing techniques, one that helps you master your thoughts and establishes you in the Supreme Source. This is the path of Happy Thoughts."
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"This book is meant for humanity. If you are a good human being, you should take it, read it, follow the path, and make others understand it."-Shahrukh Khan     Read more..
The Source7 Rules and 7 Tools to create a perfect life effortlessly

There are three key aspects to a human being’s life – that of doing, feeling, and thinking. Most of us are interested in what we are doing and how we are feeling about it, but the third dimension of " thinking " is more important. Through this book, Sirshree - author of several best selling books translated in more than eleven languages- imparts 7 Thought Rules to help create a perfect life, one brimming with health, wealth, love, discipline, and peace. Join thousands of others who are learning this new art and science of Thought Yoga to enhance your physical vitality, financial abundance, social harmony, mental discipline and spiritual growth.
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The SourceSirshree

Sirshree is a spiritual maestro whose key teaching is that all paths that lead to truth begin differently but end in the same way—with understanding. Sirshree has delivered more than a thousand discourses and written over forty books on spirituality and self-help. He is the founder of the Tej Gyan Foundation which disseminates a unique system of wisdom from self -help to self-realization.
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  • The Source In this book, Sirshree has developed a primer for training your mind and training your mind in a way that no outer field of educationThe Source

    Mr. Tripurari Sharan
    Director General, Doordarshan
  • The Source  Efforts of this nature ( of publishing the book ) become important as they help us in understanding the value systems. And these human values. The Source

    Mr MGK Menon
    Noted Scientist

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