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The Source
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The Source… Power of Happy Thoughts




One of the best self-help books on spirituality is now available online at as an eBook!

Millions of seekers around the world have benefitted from Sirshree’s teachings on spirituality. He is clearly one of the most influential authors of several books on meditation and has authored countless good books on spirituality and WOW PUBISHINGS is proud to have the rights to Sirshree’s books. The best aspect of The Source – Power of Happy Thoughts is that it makes the task of self-transformation easy through workable and practical self-help steps.

Understanding this online spiritual book is easy

It is hard to find anyone in this world who is not looking for peace of mind and contentment in life. But most of them are struggling hard to find them. In this online e-book, Sirshree explains the concept in an extremely lucid manner through the help of Seven Tools and Seven Rules. The seven rules (sutras) and seven tools (mantras) in the book are nothing but the practice of Thought Yoga – the yoga discipline that goes far beyond the parameters of controlled breathing and physical exercises. Thought yoga helps you master the ever-fluctuating mind and connect with the Supreme Source. This is a rare practical meditation book that helps in practicing daily spirituality, a simple task.

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This is what His Holiness The Dalai Lama had to say while releasing Sirshree’s earlier book ‘The Warrior’s Mirror’ on 10/10/10 in ten languages, the English edition of which was published by Penguin:

Dalai Lama The SourceHuman Action comes from human motivation… human thought. So that is the Power of Happy Thoughts. These are very right words. Many problems today exist because of negligence of inner peace. So, first create inner peace through Happy Thoughts, which shall then even guide science and technology in the external world.The Source
- His Holiness The Dalai Lama
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The Source is one of the best books on spirituality that you would ever read!

If you think that this book might be a good motivator to stay on the spiritual path or a book that teaches you how to meditate, you are right – but partially. The Source is all this and more. It makes you self-dependent, equips you with all the motivation you need to practice some of the most time-tested and trusted methods for self-actualization. It helps you to think peacefully, purposefully and positively for the rest of your life. This makes The Source one of its kind when it comes to self-help books.

Are you new to spirituality or collector of books of spirituality?

No matter what your level of exposure to spirituality is, this book or e-book will help you journey towards perpetual happiness so that you can practice day to day spirituality, viz. meditation in the marketplace, spirituality in the stock exchange and tranquility in the theatre. Sirshree is one of the most acclaimed authors of countless books on meditation and spirituality, and is adept at providing workable solutions to overcome various problems which keep us chained and from where we seek liberation.
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This is what Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar had to say while releasing Sirshree’s earlier book ‘Complete Meditation’:

BKS Ayyangar The Source Friends and colleagues in the field of Yoga, ‘Complete Meditation,’ the book which I have read, is no doubt a guide for you. I appreciate the book and I think each and every one should have it in their hands, and when there's friction, you can go through it, so that your mind develops the qualities of quietness and peace The Source
-Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar
* * *

Learn about the four dimensions of life in one of the most amazing spiritual books online

The three facets of life Sirshree tells us are; thoughts, actions, and feelings. However, most of us focus primarily on our activities and our feelings, completely bypassing the most important aspect – thinking or thought. Appreciation of these three dimensions also opens up the road to realize the fourth dimension which is the dimension of ‘being’. While the modern society gives half-hearted attention to ‘thinking’, the dimension of ‘being’ is totally ignored. This is unfortunate since ‘being’ is that fundamental base structure on which the other three dimensions are constructed.

The Source is the rarest of Meditation books you would have read!

Isn’t it a tragedy that billions of people around the world are living their lives without even becoming aware that the source of one’s personal power lies within? If this source is accessed, then it is true meditation. Awareness of your own source enables you to access that primary essential inner core that lie within Self, which in turn helps you to master your thoughts, smoothen your actions and balance your emotions.
* * *
This is what Dr. Kiran Bedi had to say while releasing Sirshree’s earlier book Inner Ninety′ :

Kiren Bedi The SourceSirshree’s writing forces you to hold up a mirror against yourself and helps you fortify your character and rethink your values in life.The Source
- Dr. Kiran Bedi, Magsaysay Award Winner
* * *

The Source is also one of the best motivational books you would have read

After reading The Source and/or watching the DVD, you are assured of life time of love, peace, abundance, health and happiness.

Answer these three basic questions that appear in the preface of this spiritual book that you can also buy online as an ebook

  • Do you have a single positive thought which can make the world a happier place to live in?
  • Can your positive state of mind generate a single unique idea that provides a direction to this world?
  • Can your positive state of mind produce a kind of vision that will result in a changed world?

Believe this! All your hesitation and apprehensions in answering these questions vanish with the power of positive and purposeful thinking with the help of The Source – Power of Happy Thoughts. That is why the Source is a spiritual book, a meditation book and a motivational book- all rolled into one.
* * *
MGK Menon The SourceThe Source is an admirable book. It contains a large number of examples which Sirshree gives from daily life as well as questions and answers. Efforts of this nature (publishing the book) is important and I wish it was done on a much larger scale using technology so that value systems are understood, since it is these values that are ultimately the base of all religion. The base of all religion is not theology or philosophy or the outer aspect of rituals; what really matters is that the thought behind all these should be Happy Thoughts. The Source
- Prof M.G.K. Menon, renowned scientist, upon release of The Source at The India International Centre in New Delhi on 11/11/11
* * *

Yes, you have the potential and power to change the world!

Good books on spirituality like The Source make you go both peaceful and positive thus impacting the world. You can actually generate unique ideas and have innovative visions that have the potency to change the world significantly and sustainably. Even in the face of adversity and negativity around, you have the power to conquer such negativism with the might of your positivity and make the world a better home for all of us.

You think practicing spirituality is tough? Read this online spiritual book

It is highly likely that your previous reading experience with spiritual books is that most authors simply preach philosophies which are dry, verbose and really do not help you in attaining sustainable mental calm or tranquility. Sirshree is a modern spiritual master who makes the practice of spirituality extremely simple and workable, because his teachings are invariably practical as well as realistic.

This is the reason why his books and discourses have gained world-wide acclaim and have gained trust of billions. In The Source, Sirshree teaches you mantras that can help in tapping the immense force with is lying dormant within you and provides sutras that help to harbor ‘Happy Thoughts’ every day of your life.
* * *
The Source The SourceIn this book, Sirshree has developed a primer for training your mind… and training your mind in a way that no outer field of education can.The Source
- Mr. Tripurari Sharan, Director General, Doordarshan
* * *

From perpetual positive thoughts to no-thoughts: begin a three-part journey with this best motivational book and spiritual gift!

The journey from positive thoughts to a state of no-thoughts is undeniably tough and most books of spirituality do not teach you how to undertake this arduous journey successfully. However, The Source is different in every respect. The book leads the reader from the state of positive thoughts to no-thoughts in three simple easy-to-follow steps. Divided in three parts, Part 1 of The Source deals with Creation; Part 2 elaborates on The Source and Part 3 talks about Creating from The Source.

The three parts of The Source: one of the simplest books on meditation, spirituality and self-help:

Part 1: The first part consists of several sutras that help the seeker to understand the importance of the third dimension of the mind that is ‘thinking’. Most helpful are the frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. Here Sirshree explains categorically, the problems facing the contemporary world and offers simple workable solutions. In short, this section consists of small but brilliant pearls of wisdom for daily living in peace and harmony.

Part 2: In the second part of The Source, the seeker is taught some mantras which can help him to understand and appreciate the fourth dimension, the ‘being’. If you are under the impression that ‘mantras’ might be tough to remember and recite everyday – you are in for a surprise! The mantras are simple, easy-to-remember while being remarkable in their efficacy, because they are practical and workable, every day of your life.

Part 3: The Source does not leave you by merely teaching you the mantras and sutras; it teaches you their application as well! You are then able to successfully create from The Source. It is absolutely astonishing to find the impact this technique has on your daily life. In conclusion, Sirshree recaps in the form of a summary, the ‘Seven Rules and Seven Source Tools’ which can be your daily guide for you to read and practice spirituality.
* * *
Shahrukh Khan The SourceThis book is meant for humanity. If you are a good human being, you should take it, read it, follow the path, and make others understand it.The Source
- Shahrukh khan, Bollywood Super Star
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Four good reasons to buy The Source, one of the best books of spirituality available online

  • The Source offers a lucid explanation of spirituality and its application in daily life in the most workable way ever. Sirshree does not leave you feeling apprehensive at any step of the process.

  • The Source is one of the rare meditation books, where Sirshree’s three application guidelines are relevant - no matter which phase of your life you may be in. This makes The Source both universally and personally relevant.

  • The three applications appear in the form of three case studies from three different perspectives: that of a student; a spouse and a job seeker.

  • At the end, the appendix section of The source – which undeniably is one of the best self-help books on practice of spirituality available online, you will get a glimpse into Sirshree’s motivating biography, a brief overview of the past and future of The Tejgyan Global Foundation and the rejuvenating and life-changing retreats built for you at MaNaN Ashram.
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